If you want to be successful in your business, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Start off by thinking about the people we meet or connect with on social media. We might just know them as mutual friends and we might not even share a strong bond but we still connect with them. Why? Because with new people around, you improve yourself and your business. Let’s try to understand this in detail.

Think of all the close people in your life. If you want to sell products or get the word out about your business, you firstly tell your family and close friends. That’s because, with them, you have a sense of trust and feel more comfortable as they will be supportive. Imagine you sell products to your family and friends. They might buy them in the beginning, but as time passes, they’ll get tired of buying the same things over and over again. They also might get a false sense that whenever you meet, you might try to sell your products to them and this leads them to reduce their interaction with you. Also, some relatives might buy your services and products because of what you might think if they don’t. Even though they have no use of it or interest, they buy them only for you. This may increase your income but will affect how your customers are satisfied and the level of your business. When it’s a business, you want genuinely interested people to help you grow and not people who do it for your praises.

Coming to people you don’t really know well, like mutual friends or classmates you’ve had a long time ago. Whenever you meet them, they try to get to know about your business and spread the word. Since they are already weak ties, when you tell them about your business, they might also tell their friends about your business which increases your brand reach too. Weak ties work wonders in your personal as well as business growth. Plus, you’ll put in extra efforts when you’re telling them about your business unlike what you do with your close ties. Weak connections are also helpful in generating new ideas and increasing your productivity. Also, someone not very close to you will give you feedback whether it’s good or bad. Criticism also encourages you to do more and develop better products and services for your customers.

People normally have a lot of weak ties. These ties are very diverse and work in different fields and areas of expertise. Whenever you need help in gaining something you don’t have, these weak ties can help greatly in obtaining it. You don’t even require a lot of effort to maintain them. After your work is done, both of you can go back to how it was before. But with strong ties, they require time and effort. You can’t just take help and then go back to not talking.

Weak ties are essential in order for a business to grow significantly. If you and your business doesn’t have any weak ties, consider making some. You never know when you might need them.

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