Having spent close to 2 decades with the Network Marketing industry, we know a thing or two about it for sure. One thing that goes without saying is that the role of women in network marketing has been of great prominence from the very start. Also, networking, perhaps, was one of the early pioneers of being an industry with no glass ceilings for women! Women can reach as high as they want and there’s just no holding them back when it comes to achieving success rivalled by no one.

Back in 2010, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) had released a report that stated clearly how more than 85% of direct sellers were women at that time. Since then, we’ve certainly had more men joining the game, however, the role of women in the industry has not diminished one bit, to say the least.

Women are still leading network marketing from the front and will continue to do so. Why? Well, for starters, women are hardwired to network and therefore have this natural tendency to make the most of opportunities that allow them to help and empower others. Network Marketing is THE industry when it comes to such an opportunity!

There’s no doubt that women are also more talented than men when it comes to nurturing instinct and their ability to put another person’s needs before their own is simply on another level. They are great, natural listeners, making it easier for them to reach out to a larger group of people in no time. All of these traits make the Network Marketing industry a perfect choice for women who tend to have a difficult time building their career in other traditional lines of work.

Women are their own boss as a direct seller and have the amazing opportunity of building a real business from within the confines of their home without having to leave their family behind even for the slightest bit. It’s time that more and more women start to realise the great potential they have in the Network Marketing industry, that they’re just made for each other!

We have had the great joy of knowing so many women who have made their mark in the world of direct selling and we are extremely proud to be living in a world where women, irrespective of their background, have this freedom to choose a profession that can be built around their family.

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