It’s become common these days for someone to make headlines on the front page news with a misconducted claim about their product. When a crisis takes place, there’s always someone who comes forward to fix the said crisis with their product. Appearing in the news can boost business but only when it is done ethically. The claims of the product must be proven or else the different governments of the world can rightfully take actions against making such claims.

Generally speaking, food and dietary claims fall into the health claims, nutrient content claims, structure or function claim. For instance, it’s a proven fact that carrots are good for eyesight. Similarly, there are two dietary claims about general well being and nutrient deficiency disease. You are allowed to make such claims only when you’re sure that your product has the proof to validate such claims. Some companies have been upfront in making and vouching for product claims. But, the entire industry is looked up as suspicious when few companies make outlandish and unsupported claims.

Companies don’t get much help from the FDA in this department. Natural supplements don’t go through testing, and the FDA doesn’t give any approval before its release. However, this is both boon and bane for the product. This is because supplement companies don’t have to spend a lump-sum amount of money to get a product to the market like pharmaceutical companies. Direct selling/MLM channel has been involved in releasing many new innovative products like Aloe Vera, Magnet Therapy and essential oils. This provides the freedom to a distributor to enter the market with a new product, but it forces companies to police themselves and their distributors.

And some companies choose to market products using compelling but disputable claims. And using third party marketing materials is one way to get around the FDA rules for these distributors. The third-party is responsible to write materials in favor of the product that claims to cure what ails you.

One might have the misconception that third party making claims will put an end to any legal risks. However, big retail companies defend themselves by giving reasons that it is not their fault that someone is using child labor. This is not an excuse for the potential problem that you weren’t aware of. All we want to convey is that making claims about how the product worked for you is a great way to make sales, but make sure to abide by the company guidelines and use approved materials only. strongly believes that the growing attempts to hush debate, stifle news and remove information from any public domain must be thwarted at all times, and that all independent media that are free of influence by government or corporate interests are one of the best, if not the only, means of keeping the real discussions alive today. As a part of that, we welcome contributions from anyone, on topics ranging from a general interest in the field of network marketing to major inside scoops of what is really happening in your network marketing company, feel free to submit your article with us. We promise to publish them as long as they meet our publishing guidelines, no matter how controversial they might be.