Pursuing a networking career is a pivotal choice if you are willing to enter the sector. There are different institutions offering courses for you to become a professional in this field. However, a majority of these institutions focus on making profits out of your money rather than your progress.

Thus today, we have decided to discuss some of the extensive educational hoodwinks. It will ensure you to be aware of these institutions beforehand, so that not to fall into their traps.

Frauds in Business Coaching

Are you dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg!? But your business is failing to enter the booming market because of less traffic! In this phase, you must be thinking of availing a training program to understand better the way of attracting people to your business. And why not! The more knowledge and experience you will gather, the more competent your venture will become.

Businesses often come across complex, delicate situations and awkward moments. It can be challenging to handle if you are not thorough with the operations. Henceforth, a good mentor can lead you through the improvement. But you need to be very careful when you are choosing one for yourself.

Before opting for any coaching program, you must do a comprehensive research of who the providers are and if they have succeeded in teaching their students properly. With the ever-increasing demand for business education, these training programs are not a simple education venture anymore; they have turned into more of a trade. And such development has been attracting fraudulent behaviors to snatch millions of dollars from candidates aspiring to achieve something big in their lives. Mostly, the under-employed falls prey to such scams.

We will now discuss one of the hefty dupes of a business coaching firm caught by the Federal Trade Commission.

At the initial stage, they used ambiguous websites and mail IDs to convince users to buy work-from-home kits at a comparatively cheap rate. Instead of training the pursuers of the way of earning, they kept on selling their services and products. After that, these websites deceive consumers with the promise of high profits from businesses through their programs. The providers also drove users to keep the entire program cost of $3k – $12k as credit assuring it to get paid off within a short period. And at last, they faked their promised services while placing additional services of website design & development, business formation, accounting, tax filing, and the likes at a high price. But in the end, none of these helped any of the consumers.

You might think that only some innocent people fall for such bluffs, but nowadays, education itself has become a costly affair. Even though better learning needs to get paid for, the percentage of student debt will shock you. In 2019, it reached the highest level, where more than 44 million students are under $1.5 trillion of debt. It is because of the lack of understanding of the course necessities. And to your surprise, for-profit institutions, even after offering degrees with the least value, actually cost the most.

Vague Colleges

Statistics have shown that most of the students enrolled in for-profit colleges, pass out with humongous loan amount which cannot compete with that of the non-profit colleges. Just like those business training scams, most of the time, these colleges mock with their promises. They also practice the same sales tricks like that of the phony coaching centers.

The sales tactics are their weapons to deceive consumers. Students always stay in fear of losing the right opportunity. That’s why they portray themselves as still running behind schedule, where the best deals would expire if not purchased at that particular time. It restricts the users from researching correctly before making the final decision. And that’s where their trick works of earning from the “pain point” of students. It is nothing less than a tragedy that happens to most of the candidates’ lives.

Dodge These Scams

Today’s world has a core belief that more degree means more career opportunities. And with the booming industry of business coaching, it has become a cherry on top for these scammers. There are times when we realize that the degree we hold from the best institution is not fulfilling our career needs in reality. However, it is undeniable that the right education can level up our career to a great extent, but our immature minds often fail to choose the correct path.

But remember that you are moving forward to become an entrepreneur. You cannot make the mistakes made by young students. You have your passion and desire involved in the achievement. So, along with the emotions, you also need to be high on your attention with whatever going around you with these business coaching programs. Check feedback and references from around the market; go for such trainers who will not pressurize you for any purchase decision. This way, you will know that they are trustworthy enough because they already have their client base.

In a nutshell, be aware of what you are going to do because dreadful education can cost you a lot. Once you know all of that, nothing in the world can stop you from becoming the one you have always dreamed of becoming.

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