Every revolution needs real leaders. It is right in the case of businesses as well, and the network marketing or the direct selling industry is one such business revolution that cannot do without a real leader. A real network leader is one who not only teaches and motivates others to succeed but also does everything in his or her power to protect their future within the world of direct selling.

However, it is evident that the paradigms of real leadership, dignity, and integrity are increasingly becoming rare in the 21st-century direct selling companies. What else would explain the notorious cases of companies such as Natura4Ever, OneCoin, and others then? The leaders of these companies have scammed, cheated and played around with their teams of unsuspecting distributors all along.

Let us take a look at what happened in the case of OneCoin. Everyone knows that OneCoin’s main perpetrator, Ruja Ignatova, had met Aron Steinkeller in the early 2015 and made a deal with him. It was the time when Ruja Ignatova had the software ready to launch OneCoin, but not the network needed to sell her Ponzi and make loads of money. In the frenzy to prove that she is a somebody, Ruja Ignatova had even made a false declaration that she was going to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, which was found to be not true later on.

Ruja Ignatova with the manufactured Forbes cover that never got printed.

Aron Steinkeller and his two brothers were paid €500,000 to bring their entire network to OneCoin. On top of that, Aron Steinkeller and brothers were to develop the complete Ponzi behind OneCoin for which they were paid huge bonuses and given individual positions within the company. Ruja Ignatova was a nobody, and it was Aron Steinkeller and his brothers all along who did the real work behind the scenes. They were the ones to develop OneCoin into the giant Ponzi scheme that it had become. Aron Steinkeller was the real brain behind it all! Ruja Ignatova and her brother Konstantin Ignatov while definitely very much the instigators of the Ponzi scheme were relying on the expertise of the Steinkeller Brothers to make big bucks by duping so many naïve investors.

The day Aron Steinkeller and Ruja Ignatova made their deal with the intent of looting investors.

Steinkeller Brothers had invited many worldwide leaders, but some of them refused to take part in the project as they understood that it was a Ponzi scheme from the get-go. It was pretty clear to these true leaders since the OneCoin was claiming to offer 40 to 50% in commissions to the investors, which is just enormous and only possible when the company was to recruit more and more people every month.

Aron Steinkeller and his brother Christian Steinkeller knew very well that OneCoin was a total fraud from the beginning. However, all that they cared for was filling their own pockets at the expense of their clueless network. To make OneCoin more attractive to investors and their network, the Steinkeller Brothers lied through their teeth, claiming to have earned close to €1.8 million even before the company had started.

With the ill-gotten money and profits earned by duping the investors in their network, Steinkeller Brothers have purchased hotels and restaurants in Thailand, Costa-del-sol, as well as in Spain among many other things. They did all of this thanks to the grieving distributors and investors of OneCoin who have lost all their hard earned money in OneCoin.

Ruja Ignatova and Aron Steinkeller smiling their way to the bank after pocketing millions from the cheated investors.

The Steinkeller Brothers, Aron Steinkeller, Christian Steinkeller, and Stephan Steinkeller are the symbols of profoundly dishonest, cheating leaders who earned millions by duping their network. It is due to the greed of the Steinkeller Brothers that so many distributors of OneCoin have lost everything today having sold their apartments, cars, and other savings to buy crazy packages at costs of $30,000-40,000.

While Ruja Ignatova was the mastermind behind OneCoin, handling finances, logistics, IT, development, etc., it was the Steinkeller Brothers who got her the vast network to buy into her Ponzi. About 1.5 years ago, the Steinkeller Brothers as per their hideous scheme decided to announce that they were leaving OneCoin, and disappeared from the internet. However, what the investors were not aware of was that the Steinkeller Brothers had very well kept their ID alive in the name of a third party within the OneCoin Ponzi scheme to keep making money for them. This third party used to earn the Steinkeller Brothers their profits from the OneCoin Ponzi.

Juha Parhiala: one of the many OneCoin leaders who worked hand-in-hand with Ruja Ignatova and Steinkeller Brothers.

We at TheMLMReport are investigating this even further and will soon be revealing the name of this third party as well as other leaders who were deeply involved with the Steinkeller Brothers and Ruja Ignatova at OneCoin in duping the investors. Juha Parhiala is one of them for sure. Anyway, with the recent arrest of Konstantin Ignatov by FBI, Ruja Ignatova, as well as the Steinkeller Brothers, are on the run. We know from our reliable sources that the FBI is preparing for arrests of all those leaders who were behind selling OneCoin along with the Steinkeller Brothers to so many unsuspecting investors and duping them of their money.

Take a look at this video testimonial showcasing some of these lying, dishonest and cheating OneCoin leaders you would like to look out for and question them.

The Steinkeller Brothers: Aron Steinkeller, Christian Steinkeller and Stephan Steinkeller (from left to right).

Now, let us move to the case of Natura4Ever. TheMLMReport recently received damning proofs of the hidden nexus that has been running the company from the shadows all this while. The masterminds behind the company belong to none other than the dreaded Jean Godzich and his gang of stooges, same folks who ran the infamous Ponzi called European Group of Marketing Professionals or GEPM, back in the 90s.

It is clear that the top leaders at Natura4Ever, including the CEO and the rest of the management team, were very much aware of what was going on in the background. Their total collusion with Jean Godzich has been brought to light by the company distributors who had reached out to us at TheMLMReport with the incriminating pieces of audio and video evidence collected by them.

The criminal gang of Jean Godzich (top-left): the real mastermind behind Natura4Ever and its operations.

One is forced to wonder why these so-called leaders would ever follow a criminal like Jean Godzich. Have they lost all their senses of basic ethics and morality? In a time when the direct selling industry has seen enough of fake leaders and is desperately fighting to root out Ponzi schemes from its ecosystem, why would these leaders sit back and let elements like Jean Godzich run the company into the ground?

Why do you think the leaders of Natura4Ever are afraid to do anything about it? It is not the upholding of values that they are worried about for sure. They are more concerned about losing their money, something that they do not want to let go of, even at the cost of letting down their teams. We know this for sure as we had on behalf of the concerned distributors of Natura4Ever raised questions to some of these leaders who chose to keep mum.

Frankly, we are sick and tired of seeing such phoney leaders get away each time with no repercussions for their actions of deceit. It is high time that we start calling them out for their lack of leaderlike qualities. It is time we start identifying and separating wolves from the sheep. It is time we teach them a lesson by making sure that we do not remain silent anymore. They will have to answer for their incompetence this time!

We at TheMLMReport will do everything in our power to bring down these false leaders as it is crucial for the survival of the direct selling industry as a whole. And, we cannot do this without your unwavering support. So, come forward and join us in this fight against the unholy alliance working behind Natura4Ever. Raise your voice against the malpractices of these unworthy leaders and help us out them for their cowardly and selfish actions.

Be a part of this revolution now! Be the real network leader!

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