Compensation plans play a crucial role in building blocks of every business. And when you are a fresher in the industry, it, indeed, is difficult to navigate and evaluate different plans. When you are making your first move in the industry, you just need to be sure of some simple equations. There is no need to jump into the depth of compensations when you will be aware of the right shortcuts.

So, here at first, let us first discuss some of the basic questions that need to be answered to assess the compensation plan:

  1. How to choose the right plan?
  2. What is the ideal process of building your business?
  3. Which factors should be bypassed while establishing the business?
  4. How to produce something which will grow in itself?

You might be scratching your head looking for the right answer to all these doubts. But you will be shocked to know how simple it actually is. One vital factor for you to maximize the growth is that you need to be mindful. Choose those products that you have belief in, strategize your business with attention, and understand the people you will be working with.

The Product

We often make mistakes by joining a company seeing their higher compensation plan. But trust me, the payscale should not always be the decision-maker. Focus on shaking hands with a company that deals with products you have an interest in and works on a culture you prefer. Your love and passion will lead you to become more productive without thinking about the compensation plan. We will give you two reasons behind this:

  • If you don’t have faith in the product you will be selling, the business is more likely to not see much profit. You might lose hope and end up in the middle of the road. So, make sure to go along with the products which have both quality and your trust; else you will fail to drive the customer’s interest.
  • Compensation plans can be divided into 3 major categories – breakaway, binary, and uni-level. If you know the right method to proceed with them, you will be satisfied with any one of them, no matter what. Don’t let companies wash your brain with the statement of offering you the most fruitful compensation plan. Successful organizing will put more focus on their products rather than on selling the compensation plans.

The Strategy

The ideal compensation plan is a myth. Every plan has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you look for the perfect one, that will surely be a waste of your effort and time. Henceforth, a better way to improve yourself is by evaluating its advantages and work accordingly to earn rewards. It will not only suffice you financially, but it will also bring a mental satisfaction. And for this, strategizing your plans is really important, otherwise, it will be nothing more than gambling.

You don’t have to dive deep into understanding the theories. To become a lucrative distributor, you just need to understand how the already successful professional work and structure your build strategy accordingly. It’s more like finding the brightest kid from a class and asking him about his method of studying to get better marks in exams.

The People

Tailoring the behavior is important to enhance your rewards. And this calls for understanding the people who are attached to your company – both employees and consumers. Every person has their own characteristic that differs from the other. So, identifying these behaviors will help you a lot in bringing value to the team and use the most out of it.

Along with knowing the people around, you should also be sure of yourself – what distributor type you desire to become. The business establishment will vary from one goal to another. You cannot act as a salesperson if becoming a sales leader is your motive.

Here, take a look at the rough description of different types of distributors and consumers.

Distributor Types:

  • Salesperson – Earning hundreds of dollars per month, they are the ones who move out to find customers. They nurture social enrollers (we will discuss later) to bring out the best benefit.
  • Sales Leader – With more than thousands of dollars of earnings per month, they recruit salespersons and guide them in building their business.
  • Dream Builder – They are the ones providing passion, leadership, and excitement in a company. For a single organization, they are few in numbers.

Customer Types:

  • Consumer – They are only motivated to purchase products from a company.
  • Social Enroller – They hold love for the product along with the company selling that. As the name implies, they share their thoughts about the product with others. But they are not keen to develop a business.

Once you know your type, conforming to the behavior accordingly will become a lot smoother. Being a salesperson or a leader, you need to bring out the best out of your sales or recruits.

Besides everything, cultivating social enrollers can always be beneficial for your company. They will help you to market the products amongst their circle resulting in bringing more revenue to your organization. They can even end up providing you with potential leads. So, use them wisely to enjoy amazing benefits.

To conclude, you need to understand that compensation plans are no magic. In order to succeed with these plans, you need to understand the regulations and incentives and proceed in line with that. Once you know your build strategy, things will become hassle-free. Success will kiss your feet! strongly believes that the growing attempts to hush debate, stifle news and remove information from any public domain must be thwarted at all times, and that all independent media that are free of influence by government or corporate interests are one of the best, if not the only, means of keeping the real discussions alive today. As a part of that, we welcome contributions from anyone, on topics ranging from a general interest in the field of network marketing to major inside scoops of what is really happening in your network marketing company, feel free to submit your article with us. We promise to publish them as long as they meet our publishing guidelines, no matter how controversial they might be.