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Know the INs and OUTs of Word of Mouth Marketing

Buyers trust recommendations from social peers, saving time and reducing risk. Sellers benefit from targeted messaging and increased conversion rates. Credibility, consistency, and technical knowledge enhance influence. While risks exist, nurturing skills and honest advertising lead to success.

How often have you talked to your family and friends about the products you purchased and liked? Frequently, isn’t it?

Well, you will be surprised to know that you have become a part of marketing without being concerned about it. We call it advertising through Word of Mouth (WOM). It has been in use in the Direct Selling industry since the 1940s.

In recent days, you might have come across the word “buzz” or “viral” many times.

Organizations now reward and encourage consumers to spread the word about their products across the market. Being amongst the top listed companies using WOM, Walmart paid RV owners for camping across countries and blogging. And now, this practice has become so ubiquitous that we have a separate association named WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association).

Here, we will discuss how WOM is proving its prevalence in society, how it is helping in Direct Selling, and its probable risks.

From the Buyers’ Perspective

A recommendation is a reliable way for us to buy a product. Generally, you use WOM with social peers, such as friends, family, and colleagues. We tend to believe those people with whom we have a personal relationship. We know who has ditched us and who has advised us well. Word of Mouth does not only save our time but also reduces the risk. Be it positive or negative, we believe our peers can be unbiased about their purchases.

From the Sellers’ Perspective

WOM marketing provides a unique advantage to sellers. It is because they are aware of the likes and dislikes of their peers. It helps them to message individually to the targeted member. Research has shown that most WOM has done face-to-face or regular conversations. It proves the credibility of the salesperson resulting in increasing the conversion rate.

Word of Mouth is a reliable marketing technique. However, even your peers will lose confidence in you if you pitch new products now and then. Also, you have to ensure they do not receive inadequate advice. Else their reliance will be in doubt.

Just like social media influencers, WOM has its influences as well. Only some people are meant to be successful with this approach. Consumers who have extraordinary communication expertise influence people better with their recommendations. There is also an additional factor to it. It becomes more convincing when the person has technical knowledge about the product. For instance, if you are planning to buy designer clothing and have a friend who is a fashion designer, you will more likely trust him/her.

Each and everything in this world has good and evil. WOM is not an exception to that. Though it’s not new, the skills should be nurtured to become a credible person to peers. Be confident when advertising the product to consumers so they don’t think twice about their purchase decision.

When you are making something viral, do it honestly. The moment consumers get certainty from you, the accomplishment is guaranteed.

Happy selling!

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