We wager you get to hear the above statement multiple times in your MLM business. A big portion of the general population that we converse with abhor MLM or would prefer not to get associated with an MLM business since they’ve heard there are a bigger number of people who flop in MLM than the people who profit. All things considered, it is very much the truth. Yes, you read it right, quite a large number of people fall flat when it comes to MLM and that is true.

Be that as it may, when you consider it, what number of different things might you be able to replace “MLM” with in the above sentence without making it less evident? Let’s think about it.

Many flop in school events — much more than the ones who succeed. Just a chosen few get first, second, and third spot.

A large number of people fail in games and sports — much more than the ones who succeed. Let’s take a gander at soccer. What number of players have achieved the world-class standard, like Ronaldinho, David Beckham, C. Ronaldo, and Pele?

Many fail in college — much more than the ones who graduate summa cum laude.

How about business then? This one too is a no-brainer, so many people flop in business — much more than the ones who succeed and wind up as moguls and very rich people.

Heaps of people bomb as vocalists and singers — more than the ones who succeed. Have you seen American Idol? What number of people attempt to make it in that show and how limited the number of people is who make it to the final recording studio.

A great number of people flop in the business of modelling as well — much more than the ones who succeed. Only a small number of models have achieved world-class recognition, i.e., Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Iman, Tyra Banks.

Loads of people bomb in climbing up the corporate ladder — much more than those who succeed.

Politics is another area where a large number of people fail — much more than the ones who succeed. How many politicians end up achieving the highest office of their country? Only a handful succeed at that, whereas many fail.

What about creative people like authors or movie stars? Aren’t most people looking forward to a career in these industries destined to fail miserably?

We can go on and on citing more such examples. So, what’s the major ordeal about a large number of people flopping in MLM as well? Next time when someone states, “I don’t think MLM is for me as so many people fail in this business”, enlighten them with this unavoidable, universal truth: more people flop in every field one can think of as compared to the ones who succeed.

With regards to disappointment versus achievement, what it comes down to in MLM or whatever the undertaking may be, is the decisions you make. Whether you buckle down to the different pressures in life or not. If you chose to study or avoid classes when you were in school. Whether you practice throughout the day at the football field or only sometimes. You remain wakeful the entire night to do something you’re passionate about or hit the sack early. You remain late at the workplace to finish your work or simply leave at 5:00 p.m., in any case, much as the greater part of your colleagues would do. Whether you keep going after your fantasies and dreams or quit midway. Do you see where we’re going with this? Those people who are profoundly energetic, dedicated, always looking for learning and evolving, and who continue on in getting what they need will, at last, prevail throughout everyday life. The rest will observe as a passive spectator. And, that is true in the case of MLM as well!

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