Facebook can be a great device to encourage the relationships that lead to extra business. And as with any device, there are key ways to use Facebook so that it gives you the best outcome.

One of the biggest concerns we frequently get from the many people in direct selling that we interact with has to do with the segregation of personal and professional life on social sites, particularly Facebook. All things considered, a great deal of us have been using Facebook personally, before choosing to use it for our business as well, and may have things on our profiles we simply don’t need our business contacts to see. Furthermore, we all have those “specific loved ones” who aren’t always at their best behaviour when on social sites, and we undoubtedly don’t want our business contacts to see them!

So does that mean we need to totally separate our business and personal profiles on Facebook? No!

Here are some of the ways different individuals have approached this situation:

Two Profiles

In some cases, individuals set up two distinct PROFILES on Facebook. (In the event that you don’t comprehend the distinction among Profiles and Pages, read this.) This is against Facebook Terms of Service for two reasons. One, you’re not permitted to have more than one profile (regardless of whether you have more than one email address or not.) Second, Facebook profiles are not supposed to be business existences. So using a different profile for your business is against Facebook rules. In the event that you are found, Facebook will close down your profile abruptly.

Personal Profile, Business Page

Most people nowadays choose to set up a Profile for personal use, and a Page for business use. This is absolutely a possibility for you, and many people have had successful results with it. Still, we don’t trust this as your best choice. When your business is kept to a Page, you possibly collaborate with individuals and build relationships with them only in the event that they go to your page. This reduces your capacity to perceive what is happening in those individuals’ lives and stops you from building relationships with them at a personal level. Everything is restricted to the business discussion on a Page. What’s more is that it is not the best thing to do when what you really want to do is to build relationships with individuals, something that direct selling is all about. Add to this that it requires some investment from time to time to keep up a powerful Page on Facebook, and we feel like your time is better spent on booking, selling, and enlisting individuals in your business.

We don’t love any of these arrangements. Why? Since you have to assemble meaningful relationships through online interactions if you want to be successful. And that is best done through a personal touch.

“But didn’t you just state that personal profiles should not be business existences?” you’ll say.

Yes, we did and the best part is that your profile is not a business existence. Rather, it’s where you collaborate with companions, family, AND prospects. Individuals become acquainted with us when we share a tad bit of our personal lives with them. What’s more, we likewise get the opportunity to see into the personal existences of others as well. That is the manner by which you assemble a relationship with individuals.

Do note that we said PERSONAL and not PRIVATE. Private data is data we don’t need the entire world to know. That sort of data does not have a place on ANY interpersonal or social network. In the event that you feel like sharing it with somebody, call your genuine companions, or let them know over an espresso. PERSONAL data are those snippets of data that show us to be something more than just sellers. So for instance, we can share photographs of our children (however not their names as that is private). We can share our adoration for cooking and our most loved formulas. We can converse with individuals from our secondary school, just as from our congregation. These are some of the different ways in which others on social media can get an opportunity to see and know the genuine side of ours. What’s more, it encourages them to appreciate working with us.

A few of us would also explore the Security settings inside Facebook to keep their personal and business lives separate on Facebook. This isn’t our most loved arrangement either. Why? Since we can mess up those settings. Our take on this is that the best strategy is to simply share all those things that you are happy with having the entire world know about you. And at that point, you won’t have to sweat it out thinking you’ve wrecked a setting, and potentially you’ll also end up with great exposure for your business.