Even though we all know that “sell” is just a 4-letter word, being called a salesman is a dreadful thing for most of us. Most people, including us, love to buy, however, don’t like that much “being sold to”. It is an interesting paradigm when you look at it and also something that makes most direct sellers worry a lot.

Statistically, only 3% among us are born salespeople, however, if you would like to succeed in the business of direct selling and network marketing, you need to put back sales into the game. Here’s why:

It’s the only way to go, so says the law

Consult any lawyer and you’ll be told right away that for a direct selling company to not fall into the category of an illegal pyramid scheme, it must by law be selling a product or service.

It’s good for business

Come to think of it, the thing that most people relate to is always a product or service, and not so much the business opportunity. Your product or service is what will keep people in the game as most of us just love great products and services for ourselves and others as well. Compensation plan only comes later.

It’s better for the recruits

Products and services are things that help people bond with companies. People, mostly, would like to always help others find and enjoy special products and services. Recruits tend to stay longer with the company as they grow and become successful in helping more and more people with the company’s products and services.

So, it’s quite clear that selling is THE most important part of a Network Marketing company. It’s time we redefine it further to understand its importance as a direct seller. There’s an easy formula for that.

S – Share
E – Educate
L – Learn
L – Lead

This is the formula that dictates the atmosphere within a direct selling company helping it to reward and respect selling by its members. It also facilitates the availability of sales tools and helps better train the sales force. Companies can reward selling by appropriately compensating, recognizing, and acknowledging each and every sale made by the direct seller. Selling needs to be an ongoing topic within the company and you must always look for ways to make it easy to sell your products and services. Members should be encouraged to commit themselves to personal development in addition to the training being offered by their company.

These will certainly add to the confidence of the member which eventually will make selling an easy thing to do. The more sales your sellers do, the more successful the company is destined to become. That’s the bottom line!

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