FVD or Federation of Direct Selling had started its journey as ANSVD (National Association for Sale and Service at Home) back in the 60s. It was set up with the intention that a representative body of direct selling companies would help regularize the direct selling industry in France at that time and protect the interests of both the companies as well as every distributor hoping to become a successful entrepreneur.

It is sad to see that more than 50 years later and as many as 130 direct selling companies as its members in 2019, FVD seems to have lost entirely its ethos today. What was supposed to be the ultimate protector of the direct selling industry has now turned into a little tool at the hands of certain criminals who are hell-bent on destroying the lives of hardworking and honest distributors.

We at TheMLMReport have been bombarded lately with messages from many distributors of a particular company who have been let down by the FVD time and again. Their complaints and appeals to the FVD for action against the wrongdoings of their company has only met with this cold and worrisome response from the FVD, “We recommend you contact your company to solve that, please refer to the company’s general terms.” How highly irresponsible is that?!

It would not be wrong to conclude that the FVD of today is only concerned about making large sums of money for we all know that the member companies each pay an amount of €2000 per year for the FVD membership status. That is a whopping €260,000 each year in revenue with just the membership fees alone! FVD, it seems, does not give a shit anymore to whether its member companies are following ethical business practices as long as they are paying it the membership fee.

We know for a fact that the management of FVD, including top officers like Mr. Cosenefroy, Délégué Général, has blatantly supported the wrongdoings of member companies for a special fee. They are colluding with certain criminals of the direct selling industry and offering them their protection in return for their money. Otherwise, why would the FVD take such a long time to even react to the pieces of evidence published on TheMLMReport regarding the hidden mafia behind Natura4Ever?

It is sad to see that the distributors who could easily earn as much as €10,000 per month working for the fantastic direct selling industry are hardly making anything more €1500 per month in France. It is the responsibility of FVD to ensure that every distributor who joins this industry intending to become an entrepreneur gets his or her chance to be more than just a salaried employee of a specific company.

However, FVD has consistently failed in this regard. Instead of supporting and encouraging those who seek personal and financial freedom through the world of direct selling, FVD has instead forced them to work as per the whims and fancies of certain harmful elements within the industry. It is almost as if the FVD has become somewhat of a gang in itself, protecting the looters of the direct selling industry.

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We want to thank and congratulate our readers for reaching out in such large numbers. Your trust in us is what keeps us going. We strongly believe that the direct selling industry as a whole deserves much better treatment than what the so-called authorities like the FVD have to offer. It is time that each one of us stands up to demand that the FVD rises to the occasion and stops humiliating and oppressing the hardworking distributors of the direct selling industry.

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