Today’s digital networking world has found the utmost satisfaction and happiness in live streaming content. More than 81% of the global population now streams live content. And this popularity has helped in the smooth marketing of businesses as well. Network marketers take this opportunity to get connected to the world in real-time through various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and at times, even by building their own live streaming platform.

When you live stream yourself to the world, users feel a different level of connection where your authenticity is proven to them. They start relating themselves with your business as communication becomes easier.

Every 1 out of 5 Facebook users stream live content. This platform has experienced a 330% upsurge in live streaming. Live videos are watched 3 times more than pre-recorded videos. Thus, Facebook has proved to be a very fruitful platform for businesses to broadcast their message live across the universe. So, in such a scenario, if you start sharing your marketing messages via Facebook, it can surely assist you to earn a lump sum amount of revenue.

Here, we will be sharing three of the most amazing ideas for you to stay ahead in the curve of live video streaming and reinforce your business…

Throw the Live Party on Facebook

Let your viewers enjoy a party essence sitting at their home. At first, give your introduction with a live broadcast; then throw the long-awaited house party to your users, talking to them, enjoying with them; finish for the day with a live broadcast of your company achievements. This will ensure users to have a flawless live streaming experience where they will not have to scroll through the crowd of static content and refresh pages. Your posts will be fewer, and the result will be better.

Create Your Signature Show

Come live with your show on a weekly basis to create your own follower base. Follow a strict deadline to make the video and go live on a particular time to make the viewers understand your consistency. There are different live streaming apps using which you can go live on Facebook – be it your own profile, any group, or page – anywhere. There are other benefits of using these apps, such as conducting interviews, talk shows, and much more. Let your show speak for you!

Collaborate With Existing Streamers

This works more or less like affiliate marketing where you collaborate with people offering the same products or services like that of yours. You can now add live contributors, which include even those who are not page admins. This helps you get connected to more viewers other than your already created base. It will be a win-win situation for both businesses.

Food for Thought

If you are not yet comfortable about going live directly, you can practice it secretly in a group. These are secret groups where people cannot see you. And once you are camera ready, you can start streaming right away.

Happy streaming and business enhancement!

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