The return of criminals from



through Natura4ever and Eric Masson

The Godzich Gang is back

Lie at the FVD

Hello everyone,

Let us, before anything else, in this dark time for the Network Marketing industry, introduce ourselves.

We are a group of independent distributors who have worked and developed for more than three years our networking activity within the company Natura4Ever, a Luxembourg company located at 35 rue J.-F. KENNEDY in STEINSEL and who is also a permanent member of the FVD (French Federation of Direct Sales).

Today, we are seeking justice directly from the FVD through Mr. Jacques COSNEFROY. The FVD, which for us, is and will remain the guardian and the guarantor of the ethics, the morality and the rules of ethics of this magnificent industry that is network marketing.

We also address the long list of all injured, disgraced and humiliated Natura4Ever distributors.

Dear distributors,

Natura4Ever being a member of the FVD, we would like to express our thanks to Mr. Jacques COSNEFROY, the FVD’s Delegate General, his representative and his spokesman, for the trust, support and help given to the entire industry of network marketing in France.

Being a member of the FVD is for us a pledge of seriousness and respect for the rigorous rules of the code of ethics and the ethics of direct selling. Promoting direct sales and its trades at the national level, as in every French region, this is the primary vocation of the FVD.

The FVD is the guarantor of the fundamental values ​​of direct selling and their respect for all its members. The FVD also has a special mission: to oversee the development of member companies, of which Natura4Ever is a part.

However, we are now in possession of irrefutable evidence that this company, Natura4Ever, was never what it claims to be, and that its so-called “noble” mission serves as a front for a group of very well known criminals.

Know that what we are going to reveal to you is the strict truth and at every step, we will present you with the proofs that will leave you in no doubt.

At the helm of Natura4Ever is a criminal shareholder, condemned by the French Justice.

The true founder of Natura4Ever is a criminal named

Who is Jean Godzich: former founder of GEPM, aka the European Group of Professionals in Marketing, the company that has been classified as one of early pyramid schemes and who went bankrupt in 1995.

Jean Godzich is a criminal doubly sentenced to firm prison without appeal.

Eric Masson, the current puppet leader of Natura4Ever, has the mission to develop Natura4Ever under the cover and direction of his mentor and boss Jean Godzich.

The story began in 2014:

Eric Masson and Jean Godzich were at the time in negotiation with an Israeli company called S …… T. After a few weeks of discussions, the said society would have refused a partnership, given the sulfurous past of Jean Godzich. The two friends decide together, to create a new legal entity, not in France, but in Luxembourg (we understand why) to attack the French market.

Eric Masson deliberately lied to the FVD so that Natura4Ever would be admitted as a permanent member of the FVD. It has hidden the true identity of the founding shareholder of Natura4Ever and has built Natura4Ever’s reputation on the blatant lie, putting its distributors and their families at risk, opening the door to the wrongdoer, and preparing the company for a possible bankruptcy on the same lines as that of GEPM.

We will prove it.

We decided to bring these facts to the attention of the FVD, because, on the one hand, we can not ignore them as it would be immoral and almost criminal, and on the other hand, according to some distributors active today. Natura4Ever, alarming facts that take place in this business, continue to accumulate month after month.

The great speech of Eric Masson, the Chairman of Natura4Ever, who, by the way, changes his titles as he wishes, is less and less credible in the eyes of his clients and his own distributors. We are in possession of multiple facts, which demonstrates, unequivocally, that Natura4Ever became THE toy in the hands of an unscrupulous criminal who was at the origin of the GEPM and who, guided by his unhealthy ambitions, created Natura4Ever in the one and only goal of making it the GEPM BIS.

It is clear that the values ​​declared by Natura4Ever are respected only on paper, when in fact, every day its distributors are confronted with facts, declarations and official actions proving the opposite; aggravate.

All his actions on behalf of Jean Godzich and Eric Masson, push us to act with firmness. So we decided to make them official and public. These criminal acts committed by notorious bandits must stop immediately, for the good of everyone.

Constant changes contrary to official declarations, changes of the strategies by Godzich and Masson, suspensions of accounts of independent distributors without any warning or plausible reason, misappropriation of funds, bribes, theft and displacement of network structures for to favor former GEPM leaders, commissions and cars leased to certain distributors chosen by Godzich and Masson, not based on their success and involvement in Natura4Ever, but on the fact that they are alumni of the GEPM and in the small shoes of two leaders ….. and all this carefully hidden. According to our sources, all this continues to this day.

Judge for yourself.

These outrageous acts, which are always of the same nature for many years, are sadly more and more numerous.

The hypocrisy of Godzich and the misrepresentations of Eric Masson and Jean-Michel Larré, the people who call themselves directors of the company, hiding the identity of the real boss, lead to the permanent dysfunction of Natura4ever, contribute to the lower compensations of independent distributors, not to mention the loss of trust.

We are firmly committed to stopping this kind of illegal practice and exercise of power that goes against all ethical rules. In our country, we remind you, that they reign two slogans: transparency and democracy.

If the “managers” of this society who make the rain and the good weather, bound by the pact of silence or rather by the CLAUSES OF CONFIDENTIALITY, which you will discover below, we will allow, in our turn, to act to the public, the press and through some major social networks as well as the competent judicial authorities.

Now, judge for yourself, here is the evidence.

We are today in possession of documents that prove unequivocally that the company Natura4Ever was founded and actually belongs to Jean GODZICH, former founder of the European Group of Marketing Professionals (GEPM), created in 1987 and based in the time in Fleury-sur-Andelle (Eure), near Rouen.

Eric Masson was one of Jean Godzich’s “Diamond” leaders.

Jean Godzich founded Natura4Ever with Eric Masson.

Jean Godzich remains to this day the invisible shareholder of Natura4Ever by exerting the power of management, communication and decision via, for example, the meetings of the Elite Committee, formed by the former leaders of GEMP and who have, themselves, the same, benefited from profitable and profitable investments by moving entire network structures for the sole purpose of presenting themselves as the Natura4Ever Diamonds.

We will prove by audio and video recordings that Eric Masson deliberately lied to the FVD regarding the management of Jean Godzich within Natura4Ever and that Jean Godzich continues to be actively involved in the development of Natura4Ever by the through Eric Masson.

Here are some facts about this unofficial leader.

Jean Godzich, of Polish origin, is a French naturalized American businessman, he is the founder of the GEPM in 1987, a public limited company with a capital of 10 million francs, who distributed cleaning products, ties, insecticides , bra and necessities. The GEPM has become a trading empire of 900 million francs.

In the same year, Jean Godzich was expelled from a well-known international network company, where he was a Diamond distributor, because of serious ethical differences.

In 1995, before going bankrupt, the GEPM sponsored a team of professional cyclists, on the advice of a former amateur cyclist, Eric Masson, who, we remind you, became the chief executive of the company founded by Jean Godzich, Natura4ever. For example: Luc Leblanc signed his contract a few days before becoming world champion. He even recorded a video message or he boasts of the humanism and the qualities of heart of Jean Godzich, president-founder of GEPM.

Luc Leblanc is part of Natura4Ever today, he is paid by Godzich and Masson, he also has a Natura4Ever car paid by the company, even if its results in terms of development are almost to zero.

ADFI (Association for the Defense of the Family and Individuals), which helps and defends the victims of mental manipulation, considered Godzich, Masson and the GEPM the second subject of concern after the Church of Scientology. Jean-Pierre Bousquet, Vice-President of the ADFI, spoke about the “sectarian characteristics” of Godzich and the GEPM. There are scores of testimonies that Godzich, Masson and their leaders at the GEPM contained most of the ingredients of a religious and sectarian practice, with a guru who bewitched his troops at gatherings, during which ceremonies were celebrated and where mental manipulation was done.

In addition, there are multiple testimonies and statements of distributors who felt they had been victims and who had complained to the Civic Union of Socialist Women (UFCS). A socialist from the Rhône had even written to the URSSAF to warn that Godzich, Masson and the leaders of the GEPM (who are represented today at Natutra4Ever) recruited young people without official payroll and that this entity was largely beyond the legal commercial framework and was related to a sect by its methods. The case was led by the director general of the repression of frauds. The UFCS has even filed a complaint with the High Court of Evreux, with overwhelming evidence about many salesmen scammed.

During a hearing before the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Caen, Father Jacques Troulard, a specialist in cults within the Catholic Church, said he found in the methods of the Group the traits that are found in dangerous cults. Moreover, a circular of the rectorate of Caen warned the principals against the recruitments of the pupils at the exit of the high schools. Godzich and confreres filed a lawsuit that lost with loss and crash, in 1993, as well as that against ADFI. The last CEO enlisted by Godzich was indicted on complaints from a consumer association and several former distributors.

In 1995, after a search of the gendarmes at the head office of Fleury-sur-Andelle, the GEPM became a Cedipac company. Its CEO, Lionel Charles, former president of the GEPM, announced his intention to liquidate all the companies related to the GEPM and stop the multi-level sale to act as a single central purchasing. He also claimed that the government and banks have forced him to eliminate Jean Godzich from the Board because of the fierceness of the media driven by the sponsorship of Luc Leblanc, eagerness that had reduced by 60% the activity of the Group. The company Cedipac filed for bankruptcy the same year and Lionel Charles was indicted for violation of the regulations on pyramid selling.

Three French executives of the ex-GEPM were prosecuted for complicity and were sentenced to 8 months to 2 years in prison, as well as to fines ranging from 10,000 to 80,000 euros.

The GEPM filed for bankruptcy in November 1995, its losses amounted to 37 million in the year, and there remained less than 1200 distributors.

Eric Masson, and all the leaders of the GEPM were controlled by the French tax authorities and all have, without exception, been rectified for tax evasion.

We remind you that the law of June 23, 1989 forbids proposing to a person to collect memberships or to join a list hoping for financial gains resulting from a geometric progression of the number of people recruited or registered . On 15 November 1993, the Senate adopted an amendment to the draft law on commercial practices, which aimed to hinder the development of so-called pyramid selling. Today, only so-called multi-level direct selling is legal.

At the time, Godzich and the GEPM were never admitted to the Direct Selling Union. The GEPM has been described as a snowball and fraudulent pyramid system, therefore prohibited by law.

Since 2007, an international arrest warrant has been issued against Jean Godzich, who has been sentenced to 3 years in prison in France and a fine of 500,000 euros for illegally transferring approximately 6 million dollars of the social funds of GEPM to United States prior to his declaration of bankruptcy by a civil court.

Two international arrest warrants were issued against Jean Godzich, the first on December 14, 2000 and the second on October 17, 2006. In 2006, Jean Godzich was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Evreux to 3 years of prison, 500,000 euros fine and 20 million euros in damages. A sentence that has never been executed, because Jean Godzich has never been able to leave his American cell.

In June 2016, Jean Godzich, aged 66, was prosecuted for misuse of corporate assets, bankruptcy with misappropriation or concealment of all or part of the assets, concealment of property resulting from bankruptcy and forgery, abuse of property or credit of a corporation by an officer for personal purposes and fraudulent alteration of the truth in a writing. He was arrested at an airport in France. He was judged and sentenced to 2 years in prison in January 2017, including a year in suspension and a €150,000 fine by the Criminal Court of Evreux.

Jean Godzich was imprisoned in France in June 2016.
He did not appeal, but he learned from his mistakes. We are convinced today that he went to the French justice only in order to stay in France, and to manage Natura4Ever operations from France.
Eric Masson and Jean Godzich have deliberately deceived the FVD so that Natura4Ever becomes a permanent member in order to continue conducting their clandestine business with Jean Godzich.
We will now show you the evidence that Jean Godzich is the true leader of Natura4Ever.
According to Eric Masson, Natura4Ever has preferred to make a clean sweep of his past, which he has stated in numerous interviews with the FVD claiming to have separated from Jean Godzich.
Eric Masson has simply lied for many years to the FVD.
According to some sources:
John Godzich aka Jean Godzich is now involved with Eric Masson (also an old A … .and GEPM Member). They are both owners of a new MLM company Natura4ever. Of course, Mr. Godzich is a “hidden” partner of Natura4Ever. Mr. Godzich did not go to prison for 3 years. “
Natura4Ever founded by Jean Godzich, chose Eric Masson as chairman of its board, undoubtedly to take advantage of its direct links with former leaders of the GEPM.

LYASSA LLC: a screen company owned by Jean Godzich, Eric Masson and other leaders. This company is registered in Delaware, United States.

What Natura4Ever distributors are unaware of is that


(By the way, he created the Natura4Ever logo.)

This criminal and highwayman, runs the Natura4Ever network in secret, Eric Masson being his faithful sidekick. Together, they adopt strategies, decide who, what, where and how, and even worse, take actions that go against even the most basic rules in terms of ethics, finances and management.

We are told about the FVD, sports teams, and at the same time, entire networks are stolen. Masson and Godzich decide to suspend accounts by punishing honest distributors, while the true criminals of society act safely, without fear for their unfair and criminal actions.

This must stop.

The same source said:

“Natura4Ever seems to work in a similar way, especially since Godzich is there, even if he stays hidden. besides, it does not surprise me that society is based in Luxembourg.

We remind you that in January 2017 Jean Godzich was sentenced to 2 years in prison, including a suspended sentence. What was he doing during this year in suspension, and thereafter?

Well, he led the first meeting of the Committee of Elites that took place on November 23, 2017, at 10:36 at the following address: 67, rue du Dijon, 21910 SAULON-LA-RUE,

All the leaders who were present at this meeting, signed a confidentiality agreement (find out a copy below): the document was written by Eric Masson and Jean-Michel Larré

And here are some exchanges of emails confirming the meetings, between Jean-Michel Larré, Eric Masson and Jean Godzich.

Among the leaders present were:

Eric Masson, on the right in the photo

All former leaders of GEPM, close to Eric Masson and Jean Godzich.

Alain Monoury

Alex Blonbou

Michel Bodin

All of these leaders, including Alex Blonbou, a part-time doctor at Natura4ever, running his clinic in Paris, received their DIAMANT qualification thanks to the generous gesture of the founders of Natura4Ever, Jean Godzich and Eric Masson, who flew and moved the entire branches belonging to other distributors, to ensure the balance of structures and high checks for their favorite leaders: Alex Blonbou, for example, was qualified DIAMOND only once during the whole existence Natura4Ever, Michel Bodin only 3 times in 5 years; but Godzich and Masson promote these people as full Diamonds of Natura4Ever. Another scandal, stifled by the leaders of Natura4Ever for the umpteenth time.

Let’s go back to this famous meeting: please watch and listen to some of Jean Godzich’s audio and video messages in person during and after the meeting of the Elite Committee. Jean Godzich talks about Natura4Ever and its products.

Get ready:
Eric Masson admits he deliberately lied to the FVD
in his audio message

And here are some groups created on what’s app with the names in question, look at the dates

Subject: Precautionary Measures
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 15:41:39 +0100
From: Jean-Michel LARRE
For: John Godzich
Copy to: Eric Masson

Hi John,

We were delighted to see you on Saturday in great shape. It is certain that the ordeal that you experienced is not an easy thing to live but now it belongs to the past and you will be able in a few times to enjoy a total freedom of movement. Following our meeting and throughout this weekend, with Eric, we thought a lot about your situation and the impact it can have on Natura4Ever’s image.

Indeed, we have built together a beautiful society that evolves month after month. The distributors we meet are proud to belong to this beautiful company and thank us personally every time for creating it for them. It has become indirectly their baby, it’s their business and we must not destroy or taint this beautiful image.

Currently you are under house arrest and you have been sentenced to several months in prison, fines and damages. Everyone can see that your name appears in articles, on websites that it is in France or in the USA, and which mentions your condemnation. In your interest, that of the distributors and Natura4Ever, it is clear that you can not appear anymore as a distributor.

There are surely malicious people who only try to get us down.

A successful company is still bothering, especially in France. I hope you understand our situation, I know that for someone like you, staying in the shadows is not easy, but we must be very vigilant. Eric has already lost a lot with NL. Eric and I, as a director of the company, have responsibilities, we have invested a lot of time and money, and we will protect Natura4Ever because we do not want the story repeats itself. Personally, I will do everything to protect our interests. I do not want, and I suppose you do not, that Eric knows again the failures and betrayals that he has known but that he takes full advantage of his success for the rest of his life, without needing to restart. I also want to protect my interests and those of our families because we have personally taken sureties.

We must not take any chances.

So here’s what we need to do:

  • change the name of your company (with a company in which you do not appear, so we will have to provide the RCS record).
  • make a transfer of contract to this new company.
  • do not make any recognition of this company.
  • remove groups on WhatsApp, but before you get out, do not forget to change the identity so that there are no questions.
  • do not communicate with the network.
  • you can create a group with your direct referrals.
  • tell your direct referrals not to quote you.
  • not be present in all Natura4Ever events.
  • do not do webinars for Natura4Ever. – Even if you create a consulting company, N4E can not use your services.
  • your direct referrals can contact you for advice but this must remain their own initiative.

These are precautionary measures for the good of all.

Good to you.
Jean-Michel LARRE +352 621 752 459


Finally, we would like to bring to light another fact, no less worrying:
Know that one of the shareholders for 5% of the capital and member for several years of the management of Natura4Ever called LOUIS Rémy Raymond Rodolphe, was sentenced by the tribunal de grande instance of Paris to 3 years in prison for fraud in France.
Mr. LOUIS Rémy with various associates and members of his family is the founder of fraudulent companies: PHBC lnvest SA, 134, rue Adolphe Fischer, Luxembourg and PHBC International SA, 134, rue Adolphe Fischer, Luxembourg (always luxembourg).
Mr Rémy LOUIS has robbed several thousand victims in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland of more than 30 million euros by selling them fictitious investments and products. 
He was sentenced by the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris, to 30 months imprisonment for aggravated money laundering by competition organized gang (read the conviction of the TGI of Paris, as well as some extracts from all the documents in our possession, below).
As a further penalty, against Rémy Louis and others, the court ordered the confiscation of all their property, funds and bank accounts held in various European countries. PHBC, which was the subject in 2007 of an alert from the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission due to the exercise of a financial sector activity without authorization, then legal proceedings both in France and Luxembourg, has been liquidated by the courts in 2015.
It appears therefore that the suspicions concerning the possible involvement of LOUIS Rémy Raymond Rodolphe has activities leading to criminal prosecution is justified, more than 40 savers have filed a complaint in Paris for fraud against his financial company PHBC, based in France and the Luxembourg, which had high returns if its investors became shareholders. Dividends were not paid. The CSSF has warned the public of the activities of these companies under Luxembourg law, by issuing an alert and advising persons who have been wronged to lodge a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office of the District Court of Luxembourg. According to the information available to the CSSF, these companies offer a public offering, despite of having the ongoing investigation, conducted by the specialized inter-regional jurisdiction of Paris which deals with organized crime cases, is currently examining the complementary activities of the members of this group.
A dozen people are at the head of this scam, all known by the service of representation of frauds.
Some are part of the Natura4Ever network and we are not sure if their accounts are blocked to date. Mr Rémy LOUIS is still a shareholder in Natura4Ever, which has not taken any action in his case.



Mr. Rémy LOUIS and others appealed the decision of the High Court issued in March 2017, but no doubt that the decision of the TGI of Paris will be endorsed.

Given the serious prejudice to the interests of shareholders, distributors and customers of Natura4Ever, and the existence of conduct contrary to the Code of Conduct of the company, we allow ourselves to launch this alert to Natura4Ever distributors, in a first, then with the French and Luxembourg population, but also with the French Federation of Direct Selling (FVD) and the national press, following the list stipulated herewith. This message will also be communicated on some social networks.


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