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The world of direct selling has entered a new dimension. To think different, to be different, to have new fresh image, to work successfully, to take part in the revolutions become very important nowadays. This new economy is called sharing economy, collaborative entrepreneurship, relationship marketing, shared revenue, etc. and all of this is about developing its own business.

Network marketing is all of this and we are proud to drive this industry.

When UBER uses the personal vehicles of its drivers, AIRBNB the housing of its owners, FACEBOOK the personal data of its users, similarly network marketing uses the RELATIONS of its members, it is as simple as that.

ChinA designateS France as the country of laws

Codes, laws and case law are sweeping through people’s lives, and direct selling is no exception to this deluge of texts and regulations, forcing any FVD-affiliated company to stick to objective and rigorous criteria.

The whole world envy us the status of the VDI: from a legal and fiscal point of view, the VDI is an independent contractor, it has no geographic area or specific customers to prospect, no sales quotas to achieve, he remains entirely free to devote the time he wants to the sales activity wherever he wants.

VDI has no relationship of subordination with the company. VDI is a FREE ENTREPRENEUR.

Recently, we approached the FVD as free entrepreneurs, reporting worrying and confirmed facts about the criminal leaders of Natura4Ever SA, based in Luxembourg.

We did this because we consider that the FVD in France is a valuable partner of each networker and can answer all our questions.


A bit of history: the FVD was founded in 1996 by the large direct sales companies of the time, in order to formalize this activity and related trades.

Today any network marketing company (or direct sales company) has the opportunity to become a member of the FVD, and to do so, it must submit its application, which is accepted only after a thorough investigation conducted by professionals precisely to determine that no Ponzi scheme or pyramid system is hiding behind.

Remember what is officially written in the codes and regulations of the FVD, in the section for member companies:

“Your membership of the Federation of Direct Selling concretizes your will to intervene on the market by respecting the rigorous professional rules contained in the Code of Conduct of Direct Selling companies and in the Code of Ethics of Direct Selling…”


“The responsibility for compliance with the Codes of Direct Selling rests primarily with the company, which committed itself by joining the Federation… The membership of a company to the FVD is carried out according to a procedure that includes the examination of its documents for the attention of the consumers, and the contractual documents or information, in order to appreciate the respect by the company of the legal obligations and the Code of the Companies of Direct Selling…”

The FVD declares to be “active listening”, “giving us the opportunity to make our voice heard”.

The FVD strongly assures the respect of Codes and Conduits identical to the ethics of Direct Selling and gives us the benefit of its reputation and expertise in the field of applied professional rules.

The FVD is in contact with the media for reports on Direct Selling.

But what about the transparency of the information that the member companies have to ensure vis – à – vis their distributors and consumers?

Everything is fine!!!

“The actions undertaken by the companies are conducted with a permanent desire for clarity and honesty. Companies provide complete and verifiable information, and any promise must be kept. Companies inform, with precision and accuracy, the applicable business, tax and social rules… The terms must be transparent, understandable and unequivocal…”

And to reassure the most skeptical:

“Companies and sellers must comply with all the requirements of the law in each country where their activity is carried out… The actions undertaken by companies are conducted with a permanent desire for clarity and honesty. Companies provide complete and verifiable information on the terms of the contract, and any promise must be kept…”

To summarize, in France, the FVD is a guarantee of reliability of a direct selling company, given the constraints to become a member.

No one can escape his watchful eye…


– TWO HIGHWAY BANDITS OF THE GREAT ROAD with JEAN-MICHEL LARRÉ, former actor of cinema and the CEO of Natura4ever, whose talents of the comedian help him well to play the big comedy within the company…

Recently we have sent the FVD the most convincing information about Natura4Ever and its real leader, the famous JEAN GODZICH, this criminal founder of Natura4Ever, covered and protected by his former leader Diamant ERIC MASSON, but also about Rémy Louis, one of the shareholders, also sentenced to prison.

JEAN GODZICH is the hidden guru, the real Chairman of the supervisory board of Natura4ever…

Despite the facts and more than convincing evidence, the FVD has clearly not responded, because the company Natura4Ever is still the effective member of the FVD?!

No investigation, no warning, no suspension even temporary?!

Why is JEAN GODZICH, founder of Natura4Ever, still not considered?

We do not know, but know that if you are still convinced that a direct sales company can not be dishonest because it is part of the FVD and this simple membership proves its perfect legality, know that the FVD does not guarantee and prohibit at any time these member companies to do a number of things, among other things, the pyramid selling, for example, and does not protect the VDI from the opacity of the accounts of the company, or from presence of a hidden guru.

FVD is an association of direct sales companies operating on the principle of direct selling, founded by the companies of the direct sale.

It is enough to read the code of conduct of the companies of the direct sale to realize that the FVD guarantees indeed several things but there is no mention any prohibition of the pyramid sale, nor criminal managers …

On the one hand, the FVD has for vocation to put in place ethical rules intended to moralize the profession of the direct sale, and to avoid drifts of it…

whose criminal leaders are not part of it!!!!

We warned the FVD about the danger on French soil: the creation of the new GEPM, by ERIC MASSON and JEAN-GODZICH, through NaturaBlue, and Luc Leblanc, the athlete whose career has died out but continues to use the images of sportsmen of world renown to cover the ruthless truth and the reputation of the society soiled by Eric Masson.

Today we are launching an appeal to the FVD lawyers, specialized in consumer law, who are committed through the FVD website to keep us regularly informed about the social and tax news of direct selling.

The ball is in your court.

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